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Birthday: 25th December
Location: Osaka

Kei is from Hiroshima, a city famously victimized by an American atomic bomb in 1945. In the shadow of its haunting image of the skeletal remains of the 'Atomic Bomb Dome', the city is also known, largely among Japanese, as a heavily battled territory for the Yakuza's. Kinji Fukusaku's iconic film Battles Without Honor and Humanity, a favorite of Quentin Tarantino, is set in Hiroshima. With such unique backgrounds, people from Hiroshima are said to have a passionate disposition. Twenty-two year old Kei is a fine sample of such a passionate Hiroshiman.

Currently Kei lives and works in Osaka at a newhalf brothel. Although still early in her transition, her potentials are immense. Kei confessed that she is, '…a submissive bottom all the way in bed' and she would 'weep happily like a true girl when anally fucked'. Well the bonus is she also has a monstrous 20cm/8 inch long she-cock that you can play with! And she love cosplay too.

For leisure, Kei's enjoys playing the Guitar and having an Onsen hotstpring bath. She was adamant that she did not like watching TV. Her all-time favorite film is an 80's flick Stand By Me. Having visited Ishigaki-Jima Island and Miyako-Jima Island, both being remote outer islands of the Okinawan isles, Kei is quite a hard-core traveler! Her ideal partner is a gentleman who likes traveling and enjoys a hobby or two himself.

Height: 165cm (5 ft 4)
Weight: 48kg (106 llbs)
Stats: 80/62/82 (31/24/32)

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